Favourite flower in the garden at the moment is the Strawflower


So What Is New?

So what has changed since I last posted?


We have one of these, as yet nothing in it, but Robins, Blue Tits and Wood Pigeons feed from it and sit on it.

Blue Tit 3

The Blue Tit is already checking out the nest box, last year we had a family nesting. Other than this the garden remains as it was, three compost heaps, a raised vegetable patch,  a lawn and lots of plants.

Back Again…

Once I had a WordPress site, it was about my small, urban garden in Somerset. Then life happened, I transferred from working from home to working in an office. Monday to Friday I was part of a team looking after a huge building. I still remembered the wildlife, the birds, the plants. In fact the building I worked in had it’s own population of squirrels, Jays, ladybirds and flies. But time was limited and photography happened less, so did the musings.

But now I find myself between contracts and Spring is about to , well, spring and the garden is alive with life and I have time to photograph it . So until the call comes to return to the office I shall catalogue life on here once more.

There will be insects, there will be birds , there will be plants, oh yes and my inane whitterings . So let the bad spelling, grammar and photography begin once more!