The last post for a while…

As the garden settles down for the darkest time of the year so I had back off to work for a few weeks. The nature of my work is a bit like Nanny Mcphee , but without the children. I go where I am needed, when I am needed and a need has arisen! So at this point I will wish you all Happy Christmas and leave you with the pictures of when the garden met the hard frost this year. Moments of beauty , frozen in frost from Somerset. I will be back….



Happy Birthday Pansy

A 1 year old pansy , we bought this plant a year ago as winter bedding, it flowered through out last winter and hopefully will do the same this year. If the plant is healthy as the end of the flowering season I tend to keep it in the soil, you never know , but it may just give you two years for the price of one!



I love Hebes , ever since I was small and my parents had a flower bed of them in the front garden. I love the shades of the flowers that contrast with the leaves. The wax crayon colour of the plants and the fact that they are so easy to grow and propagate. The added bonus is that some of them are still in flower at this time of year as well.