Black Cap

A few more shots of the male Blackcap , I really do like this bird. There is something graceful about it’s feeding. The fact it can make itself into a straight line on the feeders.


Just Watching

Sometimes it is just nice to sit in the garden and watch, not data gathering, not taking photos but just watching the behaviour.

No, this isn’t an excuse for not having my camera out while the Sparrowhawk entered the hedge in search of birds, nor an excuse for missing the family of Greenfinch on the feeders, one of which was eating nijer. I just wanted to sit and let the bird life carry on around me without me interupting it. Tomorrow there will be pictures…but not today.

Spring Time

I love this time of the year, the warmth returns, the leaves start to unfurl, the flowering season starts and the birds are breeding. The garden is alive with bird song. These guys sum up my favourite colours of this time of year.

Please don’t be fooled by their innocence…..this little darling has taken to beating up Long Tailed Tits that attempt to use the feeder in the middle of the garden!